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Mielenhallinta ja EMF

Dr. Persinger insists that electromagnetic waves stimulate the mind, producing images and experiences that become "reality" for those affected.
When the fields are applied to the right hemisphere (particularly the parietal/temporal regions) the most typical experience is that of a sensed presence, or entity. We hypothesize that this presence, which is extremely common historically and cross-culturally, is the awareness of the right hemispheric equivalent of the left hemispheric (linguistic) sense of self. We also suspect that the presence is the prototype to religious/mystical experiences. The details of the experience are strongly determined by the person's beliefs which are supplied by the culture.
We hypothesize that UFO or extraterrestrial visitation experiences--and the many variants of these themes, are the contemporary more secular equivalents of the historical experiences attributed to "visitations". Although the intensity of our experimental fields range between 0.1 T and 2 T (1 milligauss or 1000 nT to 20 milligauss), we suspect that significant bioeffects can be evoked with even smaller intensities if they are applied for longer periods of time. For example, we found that odd vestibular experiences increase within our experimental setting if there has been a global geomagnetic disturbance of more than 25 nT the night before and the global geomagnetic activity is still above 25 nT. Our experimental work with rats who display enhanced electrical lability within the limbic system have shown that only one hour exposure to 7 Hz sine waves whose amplitudes incrementally increase and decrease in successive 30 sec increments between 10 and 50 nT (much like the earth's magnetic field) can evoke significantly neuroelectrical discharges.

Tohtori Persinger väittää, että elektromagneettiset kentät voivat aiheuttaa ihmisen aivoille erilaisia hallusinaatioita.

Ihmisen aivot ovat kenttiä täynnä ja jos ulkoinen kenttä vaikuttaa siihen, niin ajatukset muuttuvat ja ihminen "kärsii" hallusinaatioista.

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