maanantai 13. helmikuuta 2012

Sosiaalisesti ulkoisen vaikutuksen avulla konstruoitu UFO

In close encounters with UFOs, the mind of the witness is used (tuned) by an "agent external" and unknown, "making" many of the elements that appear on the scene, not only unconscious material related to science fiction (movies, comics, etc.) but even professions, studies, and other daily values that may be represented in the experience.
At the beginning of the experience, using the archetype of the "road accident", and asking for water, the entrance of the "actors" is produced through a recognizable action assimilated by the psyche of the witness (roadside assistance).

Caravaca kertoo kuinka ufot konstruoivat ihmisen kokeman ufo kokemuksen tiettyjen tarinankerronta elementtien avulla.

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