lauantai 18. toukokuuta 2013

Luudalla lentävä UFO

Noitien on stereotyyppisissä kansantarinoissa usein kerrottu käyttävän luutaa lentovälineenä.
Norma Hernandez, 22, claimed having seen a black figure similar to a human being flying through the air two weeks prior to the policeman’s hair-raising experience. Mrs. Hernández told the press that she had been doing laundry and hanging clothes out to dry when she became aware of the “black form” flying near her house. Frightened, the young housewife set aside her chores to run into the house andalert her husband, who scoffed at the suggestion. By the time Norma went out again, the entity was gone. “It was the size of a person,” she said. “That’s what frightened me the most.”

Kansansuussa kiertävien noitatarinat voivat siis perustua todellisiin havaintoihin olennoista, jotka matkaavat kohti kyöpelivuorta.


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